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Let's admit that the fundamental cause of the getting of excess weight is unrestricted eating of carbohydrates. High-protein way of eating restrains the part of this component of nutrition and places proteins to the major position. It works in this way: restricting the share of carbohydrate foods and augmenting the fraction of protein, we bereave the body of fast replenishment and compel it to switch to the use of fatty acids. The paltry cluster of carbohydrates in the blood leads to reduction of insulin secretion, which hinders the retention of fat in reserve. Important secret showing the forcefulness of such diet - the complementary capacity consumption for protein absorption. In addition, proteinic food well saturate, and its surplus is rarely turned into fat (the organism is easier to create a stock at the expense of carbohydrates and oily meals). Read beneficial information about losing weight right here. Website URL: